The NAMI Vehicle Donation Program is managed by V-DAC (Vehicle Donation to Any Charity) in partnership with NAMI.

V-DAC, LLC has been providing Vehicle Donation Services to Non Profits and Donors since 2003. From its origins creating and running the Vehicle Donation Program for the JD Power’s affiliated Carclub.com, V-DAC has sought to provide the highest return to charities while providing donors with an easy, trustworthy vehicle donation experience.

In addition to providing easy access to vehicle donation to any charity, church or school, V-DAC also provides branded Vehicle Donation Programs for organizations seeking a vehicle donation program that fits with their core message to supporters.


Mark Jones – CEO

Jamie Sutton – Founder, Director of Strategic Development

Beth Carter – Customer Service Director

Twyla Olson – Director of Business Development

Ariel Neidermeier – Communications Manager